Not everyone knows me as well as they would like to, and not many people would actually want to know me better; it's a sort of a nice balance between those who think they know me well enough (WRONG) and those who don't know me at all (but why would they?), and in the end... if you really think you know me, please do let me know, cause I have no idea who I am...

About me...

There's not much to know... I am pretty optimistic (except for when I feel something wrong is going to happen), I like watching cartoons when I get up in the morning ($me loves "Dexter's laboratory", "Family Guy" and "The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy"), I sing, I paint, I go to University. But enough about me, now let's talk about you.

  • If you didn't get tired of reading all this non-sense, it means you really are one of the people who would like to know me better (or you're just bored), therefore I am very glad.
  • Many people would find me very naive or sensitive, but guess what, even Ozzy Osbourne was a dreamer at some point.
  • For those who find me a geek, I must admit it; I am not a geek, but I wish I could be one.
  • If you think I am "some Romanian teen", I guess you have known me from IRC; no matter if you know that's a joke, or you are the one who invented that joke. So yes.. I am pretty young, altough not a teenager anymore (good old days...), and $me iz from za Romania. :P
  • Lots of people have known me on IRC, therefore it might be that some of them could not get the chance to know more than just that Fishie nickname. (and trust me, there's a lot more... Like for example how 1337 I iz @ cooking, or how much I love my sweet lil' cat).
  • Those who know me in RL might say I am weird... But then again, I always take that as a compliment. :P